Plant Proteins

Hydrolized Wheat Protein

Tereos Syral

Euroduna Americas has the pleasure of representing Tereos Syral in the USA feed market. Tereos Syral manufactures premium quality highly digestible hydrolyzed soluble wheat proteins for use in calf milk replacers, dry fat blends, piglet diets and in aquaculture.
The Teros Syral range of soluble wheat proteins also includes Meripro 500, for use in human food applications. 

Potato Protein

We also have available from Tereos Syral “Protimex” potato protein.

Rice Protein

Rice Protein

Rice-Pro 500 is a concentrated rice protein product imported directly by EURODUNA from the producer in Pakistan. The product is manufactured without using either alkali or acid in the production process and therefore both protein quality and taste are not compromised.  Rice-Pro 500 has no anti-nutritional factors so is suitable for use in young animal diets.

Recommended for: Young Animals, Pet Food

USDA Organic

Rice-Pro 500 is also available in organic form.