Performance Additives

Perstorp Winning Formulas

Euroduna Americas is proud to represent Perstorp in the USA. Swedish company Perstorp is a world leader in various sectors of the specialty chemical market.


In the feed sector, Perstorp provides key raw materials, such as propionic acid, formic acid, and butyric acid as acidifiers, preservatives, antibacterial agents, silage additives, and performance enhancers.

ProPhorce™ SR

Perstorp has a truly innovative product in the form of ProPhorce™ SR 130, an odorless, dry Glycerol tributyrate for improved digestion and performance through better intestinal health.

ProPhorce SR

ProPhorce™ PH

The ProPhorce™ PH products are based on organic acids and specifically selected essential oil compounds. The double power of ProPhorce™ PH gives the best result in bacterial elimination in feed.

ProSid™ TB

ProSid™ TB binder products adsorb different types of mycotoxins. The binding takes place by an exchange of ions on the binder for mycotoxins in the feed.