Carob Products

Carob Beans

The Carob tree (ceratonia siliqua) can grow as high as 16 meters, it thrives in a relatively narrow strip of dry land, near the Mediterranean Sea and it produces a fruit called carob, which ripens in August-September.

Carob fruits are 10-15 cm long pods containing seeds (garrofin). The seeds are removed from the pod then processed to produce Locust Bean Gum

The pod is pulped is kibbled, roasted then micronized and processed to obtain carob powder.

G.A. Torres

EURODUNA is proud of its long association and business partnership with G. A. Torres S.L. Located in Valencia, Spain, Torres is a well-known third generation family firm, noted for its expertise in processing carob. The company collects and processes carob pods from local farms and also from other countries around the Mediterranean Sea. The company has three factories for producing kibbles, carob powder and Locust Bean Gum. Their many years’ experience and access to advanced technology allows Torres to produce pure and natural carob products in accordance with customer requirements both in the domestic and international markets.

The three main products of G. A. Torres S.L. are:

The products are marketed in Spain and throughout the European Union, and Eastern Europe, the Near East, South Asia, the USA, South America, Oceana.

Product certifications available include:

  • Halal certifications
  • Kosher certification
  • Passover certification