CAROMIC 105 is a pure natural product, manufactured from the deseeded fruit of the carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua L.). CAROMIC 105 is the micronized product variant within the CAROMIC product range. CAROMIC 105 is characterized by an attractive flavor, mild sweetness, a high content of easily digestible carbohydrates and a unique spectrum of mono-, di- and oligo-saccharides. Moreover, CAROMIC 105 contains natural Tannins (Polyphenols). As a result of a special toasting process, CAROMIC achieves its typical flavor as well as an increased digestibility and a lower water content. The different saccharides provide not only a mild sweet taste but also support intestinal bio-regulation.

Tannins help to build a mucosal protection layer in the intestine which helps to control potentially pathogenic microbes. Tannins also have an anti-hemorrhagic impact and reduce water excretion.

In conclusion, CAROMIC 105 is a unique and natural ingredient for flavoring purposes, for carbohydrate supply and for addressing gut health issues. The product is used in piglet diets, calk milk replacers and in pet food.

EURODUNA is the international marketing and distribution arm for G.A. Torres S.L., the producer of Caromic. Torres has over 50 years’ experience producing Carob products and is the largest producer in the world. The Torres production process is of the highest standard in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, HACCP and GMP. The EURODUNA’s expertise in shipping and distribution ensures timely delivery and competitive pricing. 

USDA Organic

Caromic is also available in organic form.